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>> Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Over the past five weeks, Peanut and I have been reading through the book of Mark for our time in the Bible.  She is a very sensitive child, and we have to be careful what we allow her to watch as far as television and movies.  For example, when we watch Little House on the Prairie, she always sits next to me because if there is a disturbing scene (someone is injured or sick) she will bury her face into my neck.  She can't bear to see anyone in pain.

Because of this, I have wondered how she would handle the chapter about Christ's crucifixion.  I know she's heard the story before, as we've read about this in some of her Bible story books.  But to my knowledge, this is the first time she's heard this story straight out of the Bible.

Today we were scheduled to read Mark 14:43-72.  Peanut was sitting in my lap and while I was reading about the soldiers beating and mocking Jesus, she wrapped her arms around my neck and buried her face into me.  I stopped reading for a bit so we could discuss what was happening, and how she felt.  She said she didn't want to read anymore, so I asked her if she knew how the story ended.  Peanut nodded her head yes, and said Jesus would come back to life.  I asked if she wanted me to keep reading, so we could read the happy part of the story.  Peanut thought for a bit, then agreed to have me continue reading.  Mark 15 was very difficult for Peanut.  I paused off and on to be sure she was ok.  We talked about why Jesus died on the cross.  Then I read chapter 16.  It was such a relief to her to read about Jesus coming back to life, and that He was ok!

It was very touching this morning to read from the Bible with my girl.  To be able to experience the anguish and joy through her eyes... I think this morning she is the one who taught me about reading God's Word... seeing it through my daughter's eyes was  an eye opening experience for me.  And it reminded me of what a great sacrifice Jesus made, so that I might have eternal life with Him.


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