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>> Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lately I have been craving Dark Chocolate. Anyone who knows me would think this strange... "Lately?" It used to be I was always craving the mysterious, slightly sweet, mouth watering indulgence. But for a while I was doing really well, and didn't have the need for much chocolate. Well, now that we are down to just a few chocolate chips in the fridge, I am really starting to crave it. Actually, this works out perfectly... I received a late birthday card in the mail yesterday, and enclosed was enough money for some chocolate! I need to write to my Uncle and let him know how much I appreciate his timing! As soon as we have the opportunity to go to the store, I will seek out the chocolate isle. And I don't want just any chocolate. I want Ghirardelli 72% cocoa. Nothing but the best! I've recently discovered not only do they have the 72% cocoa in bars, but they also have it in squares. And better yet, they've started carrying it in chips! That will be just perfect, as I can just have 2 or 3 to satisfy my craving, and I'll be done with them for the day.

My Mom has also told me about a tea I'd like to try, Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane tea. I should have enough left over to also get a box of that, as that has been sounding wonderful lately, as well. It's almost like Christmas!

Hm... I wonder if I could find a Dark Chocolate theme for my blog? I've looked, but haven't found any that reach out and grab me. But I did think this snow one was kind of cool.

Well, I'm off to indulge in a few chocolate chips...


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