Next Year's School

>> Friday, June 5, 2009

Even though we're at the end of our school year and I'm sooooo ready for summer vacation, I'm anxious to get next year's curriculum. We'll begin our 2-year study of American History, and it looks really exciting! Some things we'll be learning (taken from Sonlight Core 3):

  • We'll start with archeological information from hundreds of years before Christ
  • We'll accompany Columbus on his journey across the Atlantic
  • We will
    discover which state was founded on the loot of smugglers and pirates, and which state (then a colony) was founded by men who believed the Bible taught them never to offer military or police protection when their citizens were attacked.
  • We will meet Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Lewis and Clark, and many others
  • In Science we will study physics, human anatomy, biology, and taxonomy...
This is definitely going to be a fun year! I can hardly wait to start!


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