good kitty

>> Monday, February 16, 2009

My girls have this bug that seems to be hitting everyone right now. My youngest is doing pretty well today, but my oldest is pretty miserable. She's been sleeping on the couch most of the day. She's got a fever, but is also cold, so I've covered her with a light blanket. I just walked by a few minutes ago, and she's sleeping on the couch, and curled up next to her is our kitty, Autumn. What a precious site... a sleeping child, and an empathetic kitty sleeping next to her, keeping her warm. It's amazing to me how animals always seem to know when we are sick or in need of comfort. That's definately got to be a God thing. I wonder what it would have been like before the fall? I assume there would not have been sickness, but at the same time, if a person was in need of comfort, can you imagine a lion curling up next to you, purring in your ear, giving you warmth and comfort? What a beautiful world God created for us!


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