I love my husband!

>> Monday, February 23, 2009

This has been a rough week, health wise. I guess there's something going around... just about everyone you talk to has at least one sick person in their family. It's not much fun. The bug finally caught up with me on Tuesday, and I've been pretty much wiped out ever since. Wedensdays and Thursdays are my husband's days off, and this week he spent his days off taking care of me and the girls. He has done everything - cooking, washing dishes, cleaning up the apartment, playing with our youngest (who seems to have somehow avoided this bug), making sure me and our oldest daughter were comfortable... My husband has been absolutely wonderful! Unfortunatly, late Friday night / early Saturday morning, it hit him. He's missed the past two days of work, and the three of us have remained sick. He's feeling better today, and is hoping to get back to work tonight. I just wanted to tell everyone how wonderful he's been! I love you, Darling! :-)


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