potty mouth

>> Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thursday I went to the dentist for my anual cleaning. My girls were interested to see what was going on with Mommy, so the hygenist invited them into the room. She is a very kind and grandmotherly lady, and on her days off work she visits schools to teach the children about dental hygene. While she was cleaning my teeth, the hygenist was telling the girls about plaque. She told my girls the story she tells the children in schools; "Everyone has teeny tiny bugs in their mouth called bacteria. These bugs eat the same things you eat, but they especially love when you eat sugar. And after they eat, the bugs do the same thing you do after you eat; they have to go potty. And that's where plaque comes from. So you see why it's so important to brush your teeth very well every day?" She had a hard time finding any plaque in my mouth, but was able to come up with just a little to show the girls. My youngest daughter's eyes got real wide as she thought about what these teeny tiny bugs were doing in people's mouths and she said, "Is that why you were gloves?"

Out of the mouths of babes!


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