Road to Recovery

>> Monday, April 20, 2009

This past week has been a difficult one. Somehow I strained my trapezius muscle, and my neck / shoulders / back have been in a lot of pain. My husband has been great though! He's completely taken over the housework, and taking care of the kids this week. And his parents have been a tremendous help as well. I'm really blessed!

My kids have enjoyed having most of last week off from school. We did just a little school last week, so I'm hoping this week we can get back in to things. I think we'll take it slow though, and just see what we can accomplish.

My girls have been really sweet this week, too. Monday was a difficult day, so I went to the bedroom to lay down while they were finishing up their supper. When I came out a little while later, my children had cleaned up the kitchen as best as they could.

Even though this has been a difficult week, it has helped to reaffirm in my mind just how blessed I am!


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